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Alliance Consumer Solutions collects receivables for our customers through time tested strategies that make the consumers feel respected and honored in the collection process.  One of the most important things a person owns is a good name; a positive reputation. For your organization it’s a positive public image and good public relations.  A good name, a positive image and strong public relations are hard earned, but are very fragile.  Each requires care and attention.  Each can be damaged or destroyed all too easily.  It requires a different kind of collection service to convert your accounts receivables into cash without damaging or destroying your good name, your positive public image or presenting you with a public relations problem.

Alliance Consumer Solutions increases your cash flow and accelerates recovery of your past due accounts using respect & dignity with consumers.  We are honored to have been chosen as “Best Places to Work in Collections” five years in a row, are BBB rated “A+”.

Our recovery rates are high because we understand “why” people pay.  Using advanced analytics, ethical campaigns, being respectful and knowledgeable of our clients and consumers challenges, and insisting on the highest possible professionalism from our certified account representatives, ACS provides our clients with a successful recovery strategy.

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The Accounts Receivable Department at Alliance is well staffed with professional and dedicated account representatives that are well trained in the area of professional AR management.  It is our policy to maintain professional methods while encouraging that the past due account be taken care of in full upon first contact with the consumer.  Each account representative is well trained on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, TCPA, Best Practices, FCRA, and collection techniques before they begin the AR recovery process.

Our professional account representatives are certified and tested when they become eligible.  This is another way we can assure our clients that our account representatives are among the best-trained.  Our process includes notification by mail before the account representative makes the first phone call, and that the consumer is included to the end of every call under our Call Branding Program. Call Branding is how we promote the client with each call.

We believe that being professional and having the most current resources for recovery of past due accounts, are keys to success.  Our reputation is one of fairness and professionalism.  We are dedicated to that idea. 

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