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Alliance Consumer Solutions collects receivables for our customers through time tested strategies that make the consumers feel respected and honored in the collection process. One of the most important things a person owns is a good name; a positive reputation. For your organization it’s a positive public image and good public relations.   A good name, a positive image and strong public relations are hard earned, but are very fragile.  Each requires care and attention.  Each can be damaged or destroyed all too easily.  It requires a different kind of collection service to convert your accounts receivables into cash without damaging or destroying your good name, your positive public image or presenting you with a public relations problem.

What Can Alliance Consumer Solutions Do For You

Contingency Service

At Alliance Consumer Solutions, Inc we provide our clients with services contingent on performance. If we don’t collect, we don’t get paid. There are no hidden fees, just straight-forward, simple, and fair pricing.

In order to insure a win/win relationship with our clients, we do our homework from the very beginning. Click the button below to learn things that affect what contingency rate you might pay.

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Alliance Consumer Solutions, Inc strives to be a constant resource for our clients and our friends.  Let’s face it, with over 6000 collection agencies across the USA we have to do more and be more in order to stand out more.

You, as a financial manager in your organization, are constantly being asked to do more with less, be more efficient and more productive.  Our goal with our “Resources” page is to give you more tools to make your job easier and save you time, hopefully lowering your stress level in the process.

Being a solid resource for you is just one more way we prove to be a different kind of collection agency.

Alliance Consumer Solutions

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